ACCC Wire-Aluminum Conductor Composite Core


1. The ACCC Conductor utilizes a light weight, high strength carbon and glass fiber core embedded in a high performance thermoset resin matrix, produced using an advanced pultrusion process. The hybrid structural core is surrounded by helically wound, fully annealed, trapezoidal shaped, high efficiency aluminum wires.

2. Though the ACCC conductor was designed to perform efficiently at temperatures significantly higher than conventional ACSR conductors, it actually operate much cooler and more efficiently than any other conductor type of the same diameter and weight


ACCC is a concentrically stranded conductor composed of one or more layers of hard-drawn 1350H19 aluminum wire stranded with a high strength carbon and glass fiber core. The core maybe single wire or stranded depending on the size.


ACCC Aluminum conductor composite core (Aluminum conductor carbon fiber composite core reinforced)
is the newest type stranded conductor,usually used in the overhead power transmission lines,it has double capacity of ACSR at the same conditions.

Ease of Installation:

ACCC conductor installations use conventional installation methods, tools, and mostly conventional hardware; no expensive special tools are required and limited additional training is needed.

Product Specification

Properties ACCC Mumbai ACCC Kolkat ACCC Casablanca
Typical Factors 18 TW/12TW/8 TW/0.375 in 14TW.12 TW/8TW/0.375 in 10TW/6TW/0.280 in
Reference Specifications ASTM B857, ASTM B609 ASTM B857, ASTM B609 ASTM B857, ASTM B609
Total Cross Section Area(sqin) 1.150 sq in 0.935 sq in 0.471 sq in
Conductive Wire 1350 0 temper Al 1350 0 temper Al 1350 0 temper Al
Core Wire Composite Core Composite Core Composite Cor
Conductor Diameter (in) 1.250 in 1.127in 0.807 in
Weight (lbs/1000ft) 1337 lbs/1000ft 1079 lbs/1000ft 531 lbs/1000ft
Ultimate Tensile Strength (lbf) 39533 lbf 37370 lbf 22090 lbf
DC Resistance (ohms/1000ft)@68oF Temperature 0.0130 ohms/1000ft 0.0164 ohms/1000ft 0.0312 ohms/1000ft
Maximum Operating Temperature, oF 356oF 356oF 356oF
Current Carrying Capacity (Amp) at Maximum Operating Temperature 1983 Amp 1693 Amp 1070 Amp
Conductor Sag in feet at Maximum Operating Temperature 35.04 ft 24.04 ft 16.60 ft
Ruling Span 1312.33 ft 1230.31 ft 1099.08 f

Reduce line losses and greenhouse gas emissions :

1. The conductor is less than 2% of the operating cost of a line over 40 years, Your greatest single cost is the fuel you waste in line losses
2. By using ACCC conductor, you can reduce CO2 emissions by thousands of tons over the 40 year life of a line and reduce your tower height.

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