ACS-Aluminum Clad Steel Stranded cable


Aluminum clad steel wire is a kind of bimetallic wire that aluminum covers on the steel core continuously and evenly.
Compared with ordinary aluminum cable steel reinforced, the conductor weight is 5% lighter, current-carrying capacity is 2-3% higher and power loss decreases 4-6%.

The standard ACS-Aluminum Clad Steel Conductor are suitable for Messenger Wire, Overhead Ground or Static Wire, Guy Wire.They are with low resistance and high strength


ACS similar tensile strength as Guy Wire but has superior corrosion resistance and enables much higher conductivity if needed.
1.good mechanical properties
2.improved electrical characteristics
3.excellent corrosion resistance
4.better Sag properties


Moseroth ACS meets or exceeds one of the following specs:
B-502 Aluminum-Clad Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced.
1. ASTM B415 Standard
2. ASTM B416 Standard
3. DIN48201 Standard
4. Other International Standard

The ACS Wire Parameter:

ASTM B415 Nominal Dia.(mm): 2.052 2.304 2.589 2.904 3.264 3.477 3.665 3.934 4.115 4.392 4.620 4.775 5.189
ASTM B416 3x5AWG 3x6AWG 3x7AWG 3x8AWG 3x9AWG 3x10AWG
7x5AWG 7x6AWG 7x7AWG 7x8AWG 7x9AWG 7x10AWG 7x11AWG 7x12AWG 19x5AWG 19x6AWG 19x7AWG 19x8AWG 19x9AWG 19x10AWG   37x5AWG 37x6AWG   37x7AWG 37x8AWG 37x9AWG 37x10AW
DIN 48201 25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300

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