flat cable

Flat Flexible Rubber Cable

Flat Rubber Cable

Flat rubber cable is characterized by its flat, ribbon-like shape and its construction using rubber or elastomeric materials.

It is flexible and easy to bend for applications where traditional round cables may not be as convenient or practical.



Finely stood bare flexible copper conductor

EPR rubber

Heavy duty EPR



They are often used in equipment and devices that require frequent movement or bending, such as robotcs, automation systems, conveyors and portable appliances.

The flat shape of these cables allows them to be easily routed and installed in tight spaces or along flat surfaces, minimizing the risk of kinks or tangles.


Flat rubber cables have conductors that are typically made of copper or aluminum and insulated with rubber or elastomeric material.

These conductors are then arranged side by side in a flat configuration, which gives the cable its unique shape.

The rubber insulation provides electrical insulation and protection against moisture, abrasion and other environmental factors.


VDE0482, part 265-2-1 resp, EN50265-2-1 and IEC603321.



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Manufacturing Process

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Conductor Stranding

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Extruded Insulation

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Extruded Outer Sheath

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