load bearable detecting cable-well logging cable

logging steel wire

conductor: copper conductor

core: 1, 2, 3, 4 core etc.

standard: Q/HN039-2014 SY/T6600-2004

package: Iron Or Wooden Drum




First, the implementation of standards
Q/HN039-2014 SY/T6600-2004
Second, characteristics and uses
For various types of oil, gas well logging, perforation, coring and other operations, can also be used for marine survey, river, harbor. The connection line between the ground system and the underground instrument is used as the link between the ground system and the underground instrument as the link between the ground system and the underground instrument.

well logging cable


Third, the use of characteristics
The structure of 1 loaded exploration cables is mainly composed of copper conductors, insulating plastic and steel wire armor.
2 according to the conductive core number is divided into: single core, three core, four core, seven core, etc..
3 according to the nominal size of the cable diameter is divided into: 4.70mm, 3.5mm, 5.60mm, 6.40mm, 8.00mm, 11.8mm, 12.60mm, 13.20mm.
4 according to the use of the temperature of heat grade is divided into: room temperature cable (-30~150 C), high temperature cable (-50~260 C).
5 in accordance with the classification of cable shielding: total shielding and split phase Shielding plus total shielding.
6 according to the corrosion grade is divided into: ordinary steel and hydrogen sulfide type anti falls

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